Friday, August 5, 2011

The truth about the lies...

Remember this blog...the one about 2 truths and 1 lie?

There were mine..

1. I have 5 tattoo's and want at least one more.
2. My Mother ran me over in her van.
3. I started smoking ciga-butts when I was 15 years old.

Yes...I have 5 tattoos.  I love them.  They are all little and I can pretty much hide all of them if I want to. I have a moon with a star I got with my cousins.  I have a dolphin, I got when I was 18 and stupid...I have a sun...I have a shamrock...for my Roo...and I have the Boston Red Sox B.  I love me some SOX!

I know I want one more.  I want a celtic cross with my baby's names in it...

Yes... My loving Mama ran me over with our Van.  Of course, she DIDN'T mean to.  This was back in the day...way...way...back in the day... you remember when kids sat in the front seat and didn't have to wear seat belts?  Well there I was...sitting in the front seat, but what we didn't know was I hadn't completely shut the front door to our van.  When we pulled out into very busy traffic, the door opened and I fell right out!  It was so scary, I was only 7 years old!  The back wheels of the van ran me over, but luckily I only broke a bone in my foot!  Crazy I know!  Either way...it's TRUE!

Nope... I didn't start smoking cigarette's at 15.  I started at 14.  Seriously.  14 years old....and I smoked for 15 years.  YUCK!  When Reilly was 5 she started in on her Dad and I.  In a very casual conversation I said I could go longer that Ryan without smoking...he said No way...and being the crazy completitive people that we are...we started..and every single day we would come home and one of us would say to the other "Did you smoke?"  all the while hoping and wishing that they had!  But we hadn't.  Either of us.  and then somewhere along the way...we stopped asking...and we just didn't smoke anymore...
I am not going to lie... I was one of those people...you know the ones that LOVED smoking.  I loved all of it...and I know it sounds crazy but I can't say I won't ever smoke again.  I think if I hit 80 I might take up that habit again....come on folks...if I make it to 80...I deserve every single bad habit I want!


Raven said...

hahaha love this! Every single one of them. You crazy like me!

and OK, you can smoke again ONLY IF you make it to 80. and NOT BEFORE!

Nancy said...

I got it right! But for the wrong reason. Still counts! I started watching all of "Mad Men" and am just finishing season one. Wants to make me smoke like a chimney! DON'T watch if your craving a cigarette!