Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today the training wheels came off...

It's a little crazy how that represents independence in so many ways....

My little girl is growing up. She is looking to venture out and explore the world. And because she is who she is...she is doing this...without...me. Needless to say... I am NOT taking it so well.

Yes, these tools are pink. And yes, they are Reagan's.

Reagan has always been a very independent kid. From the minute she was born she was trying to figure things out. She always looked mad. She wasn't mad...as much as she was interested. I can remember telling people...it's not you. She looks at everyone like that. She wasn't that kid....the one you baby talk to and she would giggle. As a matter of fact she didn't smile all that much. Don't get me wrong she was a very happy baby, the thing is... she never smiled because someone else wanted her to...she smiled because she wanted to...

Everything has ALWAYS been on her terms. She has done everything exactly when she wanted to, and how she wanted to. She knows what she wants, she knows what she doesn't and she can not be pushed into anything. EVER.

I LOVE this about her. It's my favorite thing about her. People are captavated by her beautiful blonde hair and her amazing blue eyes. The kid is a riot. She can put on one hell of a show. I love that she is so willing to put herself out there... but I LOVE that this child knows herself. I love that she is so willing to go out on her own.
Here's the thing... I also love that she lets us hold on to her. Almost like she knows we need to. She is one of the most cuddly kids I have ever met. She would much rather be on a lap than on a seat. Many times a day I have the pleasure of hearing "Hey Mom, you know what... I love you" or "Mommy you are so pretty." or "Your my best mom" like she has another one hiding away somewhere.

Along with that independence comes her stubborn streak...
Oh my is this adorable thing stubborn.

She's like someone else I know. :)
Her best friend.

Her Daddy. <3

She didn't quite get it on her own today.

But that's ok with me. It just means we get to hang on a little longer. It means we get another day to try together. It means another afternoon spent outside, in the sunshine, with her sister and father and I. It means ice cream sundae's for trying your hardest. It means more time before she is asking to "ride her bike to her friends".
She's the baby.
She's the last.
If it's ok with her... I'd like her to slow down just a little bit.
and I promise to let her explore and grow...
if she promises to stay my baby...

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