Saturday, March 5, 2011

HER passion..

My Roo...she's kind of a conundrum.  She is so laid back most of the time....there are times when you want her to get excited or show some enthusiasm...but not my Reilly Roo.  She's a cool as a cucumber type of chick.  Which most of the time... works around here.

The one thing Reilly is passionate about is....Cheerleading.

Boy does this kid LOVE to cheer!

She works so hard to try to perfect "the next skill" whatever that may be.
*this week that means she is now LANDING her standing back tuck!*

She works through her fears.
*this week she managed to twist out of an arabesque. crying all the while...but still just stubborn enough to do it!*

The thing about cheerleading is that it isn't like every other sport...Cheerleaders spend weeks and weeks getting ready for competitions.  Yes, they cheer at games...but really it's all about the competitions...

and this weekend there are two...One Saturday for one team! GO PRIME TIME ALL STARS!
and one Sunday!  GO DOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL!


next weekend there is one on Saturday... which both girls are in...

cause when you have one kid that is this passionate...
it kind of rubs off on the other kid.


the following weekend Reagan has ONE that last two days and is a couple of States away!

This is what they both wait for.


and to be honest...

it's what I wait for too!

I've heard it more than once.

Those who can't play....cheer 

Can I just say...ohhhh this gets my goat.

These aren't girls out there trying to date a football player...
These aren't girls who can't do other things so they sadly choose to cheer because it's whats left...


Most of the football, basketball, baseball players I know....can't do what my kid can on a mat!

These girls are GOOD.

They work hard.

They choose this.

They love this.

I am so so SO proud of my cheerleaders!

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Tina Michelle said...

Oh, they are so cute. I think cheering looks so fun! Hope they enjoy theirselves.