Saturday, April 30, 2011

one minute.

There are those times.  You know the ones.  When you would like one minute.  A mere sixty seconds.  All. To. YOURSELF.  

Those are the times when my kids seem to need me. 
For 500 different reasons. 
"Mom, can you help me with the TV?"
"Mom, can you get me a chocolate milk?"
"Mom, can you watch me?"

and most day...
Most days I handle it pretty well.
Doing the whole Mom thing...
trying to be as patient as possible.

but other days...
it takes everything I have not to lose it.

My husband works all the time.
There is no reason other than we can't survive without the overtime could use the money.

So I am here.  
with them.
all the time.

and sometimes...
sometimes it get really really really overwhelming.

Reagan can be a little in your face.
She is kind of a high demand kid.
We created her.
We made her this way.
She was the baby...and we waited SO very very long for her.
Then when she was finally here...
We spoiled her absolutely rotten dotted on her.
She had not only me, and her Dad...
but her older sister...who happened to be almost 8 years older than her...
So if I didn't take care of it...
her Dad did...and if he couldn't do it...
then Reilly did it. 

She didn't ever have to cry for more than a few seconds...
She didn't have to wait for ANYTHING.
and I don't know how she could have ever thought that we weren't all here for her for her every need.

Well now that adorable baby is almost 6...and she still thinks we were put on this earth to spoil her rotten jump at her every word.

Don't get me wrong...she is one little independent bugger. 
If she can or she even just "thinks" she can do something herself...
she will.

The thing is..she has no patience.

And I am pretty sure it is driving me insane.

My Mom always said I was going to have to live with the monster we were creating...
and she was SO very right!

Yesterday, Ryan asked me if I though I would have more patience if I wasn't a preschool teacher...
and I said...YES!  
Of course, that made me sad. 
I am sad that she doesn't get the me she would get if I did a different job.
It isn't fair to either of us.

I love that little snot so stinkin much.
She reminds me of me in SO many ways.
She may be the funniest human on the plant.
She is incredibly smart.
She is ridiculously outgoing.
She is a good friend.
She has a kind heart.
She loves to snuggle like no one else I know.
She loves with her whole heart.
She is pretty flippin incredible.

but really....
One minute.
Sixty seconds.
Is that too much to ask....


Linda said...

Ok, you have a point...one I made so many times. Yet here I am sitting alone..yes, my husband is away too and the kids have moved on..it was a mass exodus I was not prepared for...my advice dear friend is to take a deep breath, hide in the bathroom for a little longer than usual and then hug the little snot..she won't be around for as long as you think..I love you and am sending you peace..xoxo Linda

Jen said...

I don't have words to describe how lucky I feel to have a friend like you.


LeeAnn said...

Loved your post! I have a kid like that too....my number seven child. Keeps us all young! :)

Jen said...

Thanks LeeAnn...it's so nice to know I'm not alone! :)