Friday, April 15, 2011


If you haven't heard...there is a group of CRAZY people.. people who believe it is important to be politically correct...who are now calling Easter Eggs, spirit spheres.  SERIOUSLY?  If you haven't heard about it... go ahead check it out..here.

Talk about crazy...


If you don't believe in Jesus Christ...why the heck would you celebrating his resurrection?  If you are so against the word EASTER...then please...don't celebrate it.  I am not Jewish.  I would never tell Jewish person to not call a menorah a menorah.  No really, go ahead, tell a Jewish person to call a menorah a candle holder. 

Regardless of what people think.  Easter is not about a human sized bunny that hops around and leaves plastic eggs and baskets fill with jelly beans and marshmallow peeps.  It's about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It's about Jesus dying on the cross and coming back to life.  It's about Jesus, dying so that we can be forgiven.

It gets my goat.  If you have a problem with the word EASTER, then don't celebrate it.  We will not be offended if you opt out.  Hey I have an idea... um...celebrate your Holidays...and if you don't believe in God or Jesus...I won't like you any less...to each his own. This totally applies to Christmas too...if you don't believe in Jesus...what the heck are you doing celebrating Christmas?  Christmas is about the birth of Christ.  Get it. CHRISTmas.  Listen...we are all about Santa here...we Love us some Saint Nick...we love us some presents and Christmas Trees...but we don't forget why we get to do all those fun things...we do them because we are CHRISTIANS and we believe in CHRIST...and we want to celebrate his birth.

Here's the thing... personally I don't even care if you are celebrating these Christian holiday's and you don't believe.  Go ahead and do the Santa thing.... or the Easter Egg hunt... jump right on the band wagon...this however does NOT entitle you to complain about the reason for the holiday. You do NOT get to tell me that my CHRIST doesn't belong in MY holiday.  If it bothers you that much...just don't celebrate it at all. Let it be.  Leave it for me.  Because in this house...we celebrate CHRISTmas...and Easter...and Easter eggs. 

**stepping off my soap box now**


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The Source said...

I hadn't heard about that yet, but I'm in complete agreement with you. Why is it that Christians are the ones that are always supposed to adjust in order not to offend anyone??