Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beaver Hollow

Last weekend we headed out on our 2nd annual Portsmouth Naval Shipyard camping trip.   This is our third camping trip this year!  It’s so hard to believe we just started camping last year! 


When we first got there we were a little freaked out.  I mean…we’ve kind of been spoiled!  Every single other place we have tried has been amazing! 

Beaver Hollow was…well…there really is no nice way to put it….

a little….


We did make the best of it. 

The first day we just hung around the pool all day…

It was 95 degrees….so we stayed as close to the water as we could…(even though the pool was so nasty that I would jump in and jump out as quickly as I could…and I’m a TOTAL pool girl!)

Beaver Hollow 018p


Beaver Hollow 027p


Beaver Hollow 033p


Beaver Hollow p


The next day we left the campground and headed over to White Lake. 

OMG you guys…..it is beautiful.  I mean breathtakingly beautiful….There was more than one time that day that I remember saying to myself….I live here.  I am lucky enough to live here!

Beaver Hollow 066p


Beaver Hollow 067p


Beaver Hollow 068p


Beaver Hollow 074p


    It was the perfect day.  In a perfect place…

with these amazing people…


Beaver Hollow 001p


Beaver Hollow 004p


Beaver Hollow 006p


Beaver Hollow 007p


Beaver Hollow 023p


Beaver Hollow 059p


Beaver Hollow 082p


Beaver Hollow 086p


Beaver Hollow 089p


Beaver Hollow 108p


Beaver Hollow 114p

I know…I know a ton of pics…

But the way I figure it…. I could write about it…

or just let the pictures tell the story…

and they seem to do it so much better than I ever could.

Here’s the crew this year.

Beaver Hollow 113p


Thanks guys. 

For a weekend, I will never forget!

Can NOT  wait until next year!

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