Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Want to Know...week 12

We Want to Know
Wednesday Q&A wk12


This week's questions are from Janette:

{1}Name five of your favorite new blogs that you're reading.

So I have fallen in love with a few new blogs recently.  First of all, you have to check out this super cool chick.

She is super funny and you know you could just sit down and shoot the shit with her.

I am also loving this lady...
She's hilariously honest and she is so real!

{2} When you were a young child or teenager, did you have an idea of how many children you wanted and what their names would be? Did you follow through on your ideas?

I remember loving the names Lisa and Ashley.  I named all my babies Lisa and Ashley...They seemed so cool and beautiful. I didn't name either of my girls these names...Not even middle names...

{3} "What is the silliest thing you fight with someone about? Could be your spouse, sibling, parents, co-worker etc."

I fight with my teenage daughter daily about how much make up she has on.  I wear very little make up.  A little mascara and some lip gloss.  Reilly looks like she is going to a britney spears concert every. single. time. she leaves the house.  I have threatened every day this week to take her make up away until she hits 16 if she can't tone it down a bit!
{4} What is your favorite scent that other's may not find very nice? ie: gasoline, sweat from your sweetie, etc.

Yes, I love the smell of gasoline.  Weird I know...but I love it.  I also love the way my husband smells when he comes to bed at night.  He's been working all day...sweating...cause I like the way his deodarent smells...all musky and manly.

{5} Thoughts on Plastic Surgery? (had it? want it? regrets?)

I would LOVE me some plastic surgery.  A tummy tuck after two c-sections would be awesome...can you say bikini?  I also would mind a little boob lift.  I would love the girls to be back where they were when I was 25. Botox wouldn't hurt either...can you say bye bye wrinkles...


Nadine Hightower said...

Yep totally a tummy tuck here too!

Mamarazzi said...

GREAT answers...my "girls" could use a little lift, i doubt i would ever spend my own money on them but...

thanks for linking up!!