Friday, June 3, 2011

2/365 tagging!

Day two.

So if you've read any of my past blogs you know we're cheerleading folks.


We've become cheerleading folks.

Ryan is a sports fanatic. 
but he only considers it a sport if there is a ball involved....or your hitting someone

Both girls have tried other things.
baseball. Softball. Tennis. Dance. Gymnastics.

Nothing else stuck.

and now that Reilly is flipping like a maniac...
Ryan is much more interested.

Don't get me wrong ... The man would have supported her even if he couldn't stand it..

but there sure is something amazing about watching your kid doing a round off into six back handsprings into a back flip.

or double twisting out of a full.

That being said...cheerleading is a pretty big deal around here.

Both girls are on two teams.

and in order to pay for it, we do loads of fundraising.


One of the things we do in these parts...is called tagging.

It's when you stand in front of stores and ask for donations.
It's not fun. 
But we do it...because otherwise we couldn't do two teams.  We couldn't afford things like uniforms and cheer camp and cheer shoes and practice gear and competition fees...

and it has actually turned out to be a great lesson for my oldest girl.

She knew when we signed her up that she would be doing astronomical amounts of fundraising...and we told her there would be NO complaining.  That she would do it with a smile on her face...because it was her job.  It was her contribution.  (and between you and I, I get to sit in my car, watch them to make sure they are safe, and read. In silence. Cut it out. I'll do every.single.shift. please.)

and this girl has rocked it.

It probably doesn't hurt that she gets to do it with her bestie.

Her she is...after 4 hours of tagging.  Still smiling.

I wonder if she will still be smiling tonight....after another 4 hours.
Or tomorrow after another two?

Let's hope so. 
Seriously folks how cute does she look in her uniform? 
I know.  Serious cuteness.
But the legs.
Well those legs could stop any time now.
What I wouldn't do for those legs...

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The Source said...

I understand completely! Our daughter cheered on two competition teams for several years...and once she turned 16 her daddy told her all that money could have bought her a brand new car! ;) She didn't care. She would rather walk & cheer.