Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture Perfect #1

So here's the thing.  I almost didn't enter. 

Black and white for me is a tricky thing.  I either LOVE it...or I HATE it.  There is no in between.  I also find I haven't ever really loved a b&w that I have taken.

But going through some old shots...I decide to enter.

I just keep going back to the old saying...
"You always regret the things you don't do...not the things you do do."

So, here goes...

First submission.

This is my nephew.

He was in Iraq.  Fighting for our Country. 
He came home for a ten day visit. 
There was a cook out to so everyone could see him.
We will really celebrate when he is home for good. 
Can't wait to find out when that is.


Tina Michelle said...

Aww, sweet pic!

Nancy said...

Love it! The soldier pics always choke me up. Please thank him for me for all he does for all of us!

~ Noelle said...

as an Army Wife, as soon as I saw the flag, I had to click over..
Love this..
thank you family for everyones sacrifice

Sherri said...

I am a die hard, proud American, and so grateful for our soldiers young and old. We pray for this guy and all the others every single day! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pic.