Monday, May 16, 2011


Mothers Day was pretty great around here.
We visited Ryan's Step-Mama.
We went up to the lake and visited my Mama and my Gram.

Nothing too crazy.

Ryan and the girls got me this...

and to tell you the truth...
it was exactly what I wanted.
(It's a good thing he said "I am about to go shopping, if you have any hints for me!  I didn't hint...I told him exactly what I wanted!)

The girls got me some GREAT cards.

One of the great things that happened this Mother's Day was we decided as a family that we were no longer going to buy cards.  They are too stinkin expensive and people keep them just so long before they throw them away. 

My Mom got me these amazing gerber daisies. 

They are so full of color.  I am going to eneter them over here...

Picture {Perfect}

come on over and check out the amazing photogaphy and one pretty crazy Mama!


Nancy said...

The flowers are gorgeous! So bright and pretty. And I especially love when you can see the sun coming from behind.
Thank you for participating in Picture Perfect!

Nancy said...

PS- I now send my hubby direct links to a potential Mother's Day/birthday/anniversary/Xmas gift that I'd like. He likes it much better this way too! It's a win win. Glad it's not just me!

Samual said...

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