Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where's the Love, Wednesday...

Where's my love today?

I am loving that both my girls are at cheerleading tonight and Ryan is at class...which means I am home alone...and it's quiet.

I am loving that I only worked a half a day today <3

I am loving that Friday is Pajama Day @ Peter Cottontail Preschool <3

I am loving that after a whole flippin week of rain it is going to stop on Sunday, and actually be sunny and 80 degrees.  (I am not loving that it is going to be followed by another week of rain) <3

I am loving that I find out tomorrow what my Sis in law is having for a baby and I can start her (it's totally a girl) baby blanket! <3

I am loving that I have plans to snuggle down and watch The Office with the hubster tonight <3


I am loving that I found Where's the Love, Wednesday!

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abby said...

Oh my goodness! I just now noticed that you linked up to my Where's the Love? post. That made my day. I enjoy doing that post so much...I figured even if nobody does it with me, I will keep offering. Looking forward to checking out your blog.