Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random thoughts by J. Leary

So here I sit.
At work.
Waiting for my oldest to call and tell me she is home safe and sound, from an over-night school field trip.
There is 15 minutes before I have to start waking up the sleeping monsters cherubs.

So...I thought...

15 Random thoughts in 15 minutes.


1. I hate feet.  I don't even like my own feet.  I seriously hate it when people touch their feet.  All I can think about is what they are going to do with their hands after they touch their feet.  I pay attention people.  You are not washing your hands after you touch your feet.  This especially bothers me if you are at my house...because I know you are going to touch something in MY house after you touch your feet.  I have nightmares about this.  Even worse than that.  DO NOT.  NOT EVER.  Touch me with your feet.  Your feet on my body might just send me over the edge.  This applys to every one I have ever met with the exception of Ryan, Reilly, Reagan and Ruth.

2. I love potato's.  I love them.  It doesn't matter what way you slice them, or how you prepare them.  I love them.  They go with everything.  I like to think it has something to do with my amazing Irish descent.  (see #3)

3. I am Irish and I am proud. 

4. Since I was a little girl, have always wanted a Son.  This only grew after I met my husband, because he is such a guys guy.  A sports guy.  I love my little ladies but I think I will always secretly wish I had a son.

5. I forget how old I am.  I kind of mean this in two different ways.  I mean it literally.  Like when someone asks me how old I am, I have to actually do the math, because have the time I truly don't know.  I also forgot how old I am when I am picking out clothes or getting my hair cut.  Is is weird that I have the same hair style I had in high school?  Or that I am still wearing Jeans and T-shirts every day of my life.  Someday I will have 35 year old hair and clothes.

6. If I could be anything in the whole world I would be a photographer.  I love taking pictures. I love catching moments.  I love editing pictures.  I love showing people pictures I have taken of them, or their family members, or an event that was theirs.  I love to make them laugh and sometimes cry.  I may never get paid for it, but I will always do it.

7. I would have had 4 kids (or more) if my body didn't suck.

8. I love electronics.  Preferably the handheld kind.  Ipods, cell phones, computers, that kind of thing.  Whenever something new comes out I want it.  Too bad I can't afford any of it.  :(

9. Most of my Dad's family live in Florida.  I was born there.  Most days I wish I never bought my house and moved back down south.  I can't stand the snow and would really enjoy more than 4 weeks of summer. 

10. I am a preschool teacher.  I would love to say that I love them all the same.  I am sure I am supposed to say I love them all the same.  SO not true.  There are a few that I can say have changed me.  That I loved just a tad more for some reason or another.  When they leave me and move on to "big" kid school.  I cry.  These kids make my job worth the shitty pay.

11. I am afraid of the dark.  Not just kind of afraid, but really seriously afraid.  If Ryan is not home, there will be a light on somewhere in my house.  I am petrified of the dark.  I can't stand hearing things and not being able to see what it is.  It is also reason 34538398372 that I love my GIGANTIC doggies... they make me feel so protected!

12. I love to read.  And I love to take tubs.  There is an direct correlation between how often I am taking tubs and how into the book I am reading I am.  If the book rocks, you will find me in the bath every night until I am done with the book.  I love to read in the tub.  I am pretty sure it is because it is the only room in the house that my kids leave me alone.

13. I love to be creative.  I love to scrapbook.  I love to knit.  I love to write.  I love photography. 

14. I love Goofy.  He is my absolute favorite.  I think it is because Ryan is such a goofball.  He is so goofy, but he makes me laugh every day.  I can honestly say that he make me fall in love with him more and more every single time he makes me laugh.

15. I love popcorn.  I mean I love popcorn.  I eat it almost every night (you can tell by my lovely muffin top!)  I will usually pick popcorn over just about any other snack.  I kind of love this cause I remember my Dad eating popcorn all the time and it's something we have in common.

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