Monday, May 23, 2011

{Sunday Snapshot} What I've been doing this week...

A couple of years ago a show came out about a teenager who gets pregnant at 15.  Reilly was 11.  A ton of her friends were watching it, but after watching an episode or two, I just felt like she wasn't ready.  It was too grown up for her.  I mean she knew what sex was.  We had talked about it plenty of times....but this show was just a little over the top.  There were definitely things I thought she wasn't ready to handle....like they call the school where girls who are pregnant go "slut" school.  Then there is the boy who sees every girl in the school as his personal conquest!  Ugh.  Too much too fast if you ask me. 

Needless to say she has been dying to see this show....and she is 13 (and a half)... so I decided to go ahead and let her watch it....with me.  We are watching it together...that way if she has any questions we can pause it...and talk about it....and we have.  A few times actually.  It is actually so ridiculous it's kind of funny..but it has brought up some questions that I have loved answering (eh, Not really...but I prefer she hear the truth about these things from me, instead of some idea of the truth from her friends)

  So me being the weirdo that I am...am now obsessed with this ridiculous television show.

The acting is horrible.  The plot is obvious....so of course that means I can't get enough of it! 

Yeah... I've been doing a lot of that this week.

I also found out that my Sis-in-law (she is really my cousin-in-law but that just doesn't describe who close I feel to her...and her husband is more like a brother to my husband than a cousin) is having a baby BOY!  Yep, a boy! 

So I started this. 

I made Reagan a blanket similar to this one when I was pregnant with her.  She still snuggle with  in bed every night. Hers was white and purple...this one I am thinking blue and green!  I didn't want it to be baby blue because didn't want the little booger to outgrow the color too early and because we all know all the stains that would show up on baby blue...   I will definitely blog out the finished product!

The other thing that has been going on around here this weekend...
is this..

Now don't get me wrong..I am in NO way an extreme coupon-er.  I just thought if I could clip a few here and there...I could save a little here and there too.  We'll see. 

We also
  • Attended our nieces graduation from college
  • made it to cheer practice
  • bought new golf clubs
  • went out for ice cream.
I don't however have any picture of any of it.  I guess it's kind of like the tree falling in the forest.  If there are no pictures did it ever really happen?

All in all....a pretty laid back weekend here in Leary Land. 

I'll take it.

Cause it's Monday already...

Welcome the craziness!

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Happy Sunday all!

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